Washroom Cleaning


Improving the washroom hygiene standards in your premises shows your business’ regard for the health and safety of your employees and visitors, whilst ensuring your business is adhering to the relevant legislation and helping to meet your sustainability targets.

Ace Hygiene staff provide expert advice on the risks of cross-contamination within the washroom, whilst developing innovative environmentally friendly products and services.

This expertise ensures Ace Hygiene washroom services and products are designed to minimise the risk of infection from the bacteria that is commonly found in the washroom whilst helping to reduce your water usage, electricity and cleaning costs.

Ace Hygiene experienced representatives use professional tools that enable them to assess the level of hygiene within your washroom. This enables them to offer recommendations on how to maintain and improve the standard of hygiene within your washroom in order to prevent and reduce the spread of bacteria.

The wide range of washroom services and products we offer suit all types of organisations and washrooms, large or small, with premises open or closed to the public.

Available through a complete rental and maintenance service program our washroom services ensure a consistently high level of service is offered whilst providing piece of mind that sensitive feminine hygiene waste and nappy waste is being professionally dealt with, in a safe and environmentally considerate manner.

As experts in washroom hygiene services we provide a wide range of washroom products and cleaning supplies. Delivered directly to your door these products fulfil a vast range of needs and offer a cost effective solution to many business.

Ace Hygiene offer a reliable, local and responsive service from our nationwide network of 17 state of the art processing centres ensures your washroom services are helping to raise the hygiene standards of your washroom and business as a whole.