Office Cleaning Services


Providing Office Cleaning Services to the South East

Ace Hygienes office cleaning services are already being used by companies throughout the South east. Our teams of friendly and professional cleaners offer a wide range of services. By working closely with our customers, we are able to understand their specific needs and provide them with a tailored office cleaning solution.

Providing excellent service to all of our customers is our number one priority. We ensure a high standard of office cleaning is achieved every time by only employing the right people for the job. Whether it be general office cleaning (e.g. daily cleaning, carpet cleaning, washroom cleaning) or more specialised office cleaning services (e.g. deep cleaning, window cleaning, builders cleans) our strict employment policy ensures only the best staff are used.

Daytime and evening office cleaning services are available throughout the UK

Ace Hygiene is one of the leading office cleaning companies that provide daytime and evening office cleaning services for many companies throughout the South East. You can rely on Ace Hygiene as a professional office cleaning company to fulfil all of your cleaning needs, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We look forward to discussing your company’s requirements in more detail and providing you with a competitive cleaning quote.  You can rely on Ace Hygiene to provide a reliable and a friendly office cleaning service to your company every time.

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Daytime Cleaning Services for Retailers, Offices, Schools and more

With a growing need for clean premises throughout the day, daytime cleaning is proving to be the ideal daily cleaning service for more and more companies and offices.

Ace Hygiene is already delivering daytime cleaning to major national retailers, offices, corporations, airports, train stations, schools and colleges.

Advantages of Daytime Cleaning

Some of the benefits of cleaning throughout the day include:

Continuous cleaning allows you to maintain higher standards all day, with a smaller team of trained full-time staff and less machinery.

You save on security and energy costs since our staff are onsite during normal business hours.

Cleaning staff can assist with other tasks while they are onsite – loading vending machines, preparing refreshments or even post room duties.

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