Specialist Floor Services


Ace Hygiene can provide specialist floor services where natural stone products have been used such as limestone, Granite, Terrazzo, Marble and much more.

You can see the results we can achieve in the pictures below.

The renovation of soiled natural stone flooring







Soiled Limestone Floor

The surface is first stripped back of any contamination and to bring back the stone natural colour.






Stripped Limestone Floor

Once this process is complete we then apply a base coat sealant to make the surface impermeable and prepare it for the final top coat of sealant.We then apply a hard wearing durable sealant in stages which leaves the surface appearing brighter, shiny, non slip and with a uniform finish.






The Removal of Stains on Natural Stone Flooring

Ace Hygiene has extensive experience and methods of removing even the most stubborn and deep stains in natural stone flooring.

As you can see in the picture this is a granite floor which has become water stained.

Using specialist machines and state of the art methods the stain is removed leaving the granite back its original condition.